UOC believers pushed out of the church in Kolomyia with police inaction

On October 22, Uniates, who seized the Annunciation Church in Kolomyia, brought the UOC believers out of the territory of the church by force. As a UOJ correspondent reports, the situation was observed by about 60 policemen. They did not prevent the priests of the UGCC Mikhail Arsenich and Nikolai Medinsky from using force against the parishioners of the canonical Church.

The Uniates were hostile not only to believers but also to representatives of the press. The journalists present were not allowed to record what was happening, their cameras were taken away.

On the fence around the Annunciation Church, representatives of the UGCC hung the flag of Ukraine and a red-black flag. Over both banners, icons were attached.

On October 4, the court recognized the legitimate rights of the UOC community to use the Annunciation Church in Kolomyia.