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Priority project for donations:

Information on the managing organisations of the Public Advocacy network and how to fund projects:

About the network:


The Public Advocacy network includes non-governmental organisations with consultative status with UN ECOSOC, other organisations, lawyers, journalists, social activists who support the protection of human rights, especially of religious Christian communities.

The network operates on the basis of a co-operation agreement between the participants - legal entities, as well as on the principles of free membership for individual participants.

The managing representative organisations of the network are:


VSI "Zmogaus tmeisiciu apsauga" (NGO "For Human Rights") - for projects for the European Union, Ukraine, the Balkans and the Middle East.

Public organisation "Public Advocacy" - for projects from other countries. 

Areas of human rights activities:


The project organisations carry out systematic activities in four main areas:


- Collecting facts of violations of the rights to freedom of religion and other legal violations committed against communities of believers and in connection with religious views;

- Providing professional legal support in the most significant high-profile cases of violations of the rights of believers;

- disclosure of cases of violations of the rights of believers at the international level, in particular in the system of the UN Human Rights Council, OSCE, committees and commissions of the Council of Europe, during events in the European Parliament and other international organisations in order to receive a response from them both in the form of individual decisions on specific cases and in the form of recognition of the existence of the problem in a particular region:

- lobbying and advocacy for the interests of religious communities at the international level through legal, diplomatic and information work in accordance with the organisations' consultative status with UN ECOSOC. 


The project organisations have accreditations at the UN headquarters in Geneva, Vienna and New York, maintain membership in the Brussels and Geneva Press Clubs, representatives of the organisations are included in the EU Transparency register of lobbyists with the right of access to the European Parliament buildings in Strasbourg and Brussels.


The project organisations carry out their activities both directly and with the involvement of specialised companies such as law firms, outsourcing law firms, information agencies, PR and lobbying firms, research institutes and expert institutions of forensic and non-forensic expertise.

How to participate in project funding:


You can help a project by making a donation to the organisation as a whole or to a specific project. In some cases, based on country-specific legal conditions and in order to optimise costs, we do not collect money in our own accounts, but offer to finance the invoice from the law firm or other contractor of the project. In both cases, we control the process of service delivery and the achievement of the project's objective in accordance with the contracts. Interim and final reports are published based on the results of the fees.  


Information about the work performed may not always be disclosed for reasons of confidentiality and victim safety. In some cases, the requirement of confidentiality is a condition of cooperation by some international organisations. Nevertheless, expenditure reports are generally public and available upon request by those who have made substantial donations.

How to donate:

Currently, donations for our activities can be transferred to the account of the management company "VSI "Za zmogaus teisiu apsauga" (NGO "For Human rights" ) by SEPA bank transfers: 


VSI "Zmogaus teisiu apsauga", kod 304222439

LT22 7180 3000 0670 0828 (EUR)

LT98 7180 3000 0470 0581 (USD) 



AB Šiaulių bankas

Tilžės St. 149, LT-76348 Šiauliai

Bank code 112025254


Purpose of payment: donation for the organisation's activities

 or donation to fund project number 031 


Note: If you would like the donation to be credited to fund a specific project, please include the project number in the payment designation. Funds without specifying the target project are credited to the general annual budget for the organisation's activities. Currently, fundraising is active for the following projects: the project for the defence of the rights of believers of the UOC (code 031)


For enquiries and clarifications, email support@protiktor.com

Buttons for payment by bank card and other alternative methods:


To transfer funds by bank card and other methods, click on the buttons, you will go to the STRIPE payment acceptance system:

                  To donate in general:                                                                              To donate to specific projects:

Note: 95% of the funds raised for the UOC International Protection Project (number 031) are transferred by the recipient organisation VSI Za zmogaus teisiu apsauga to the project contractor - the law firm UAB Baltiktraidas, for more details on the principles of funding of this project read "Description of the UOC Support Project".

For enquiries and clarifications, email support@protiktor.com