Dmytrivka village, Hoshcha district, Rivne region

On 07.06.2015, during the church service, the religious community of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in vlg.Dmytrivka was assaulted by the Kyiv Patriarchate members, radically minded persons from the “Right Sector”, law enforcement authorities of

Hoshcha District Department of the MIA of Ukraine in Rivne region as well as the head of Riasnyky village council. Aggressive persons, who interrupted the burial ceremony, took over the church building in which they have had worship services until today, preventing the UOC faithful of vlg. Dmytrivka from entering the church territory.

A month later, the UOC religious community of vlg.Dmytrivka decided to build a new church but the head of Riasnyky village council hindered this initiative refusing to allocate a land plot for the religious community. Currently, divine worships of the UOC community are held in an abandoned house.

The community representatives filed an application to the law enforcement authorities to start criminal proceedings upon church service disruptions and illegal church seizure. Guilty persons who had perpetrated acts overt were identified, though not brought to justice; some of them are residents of the populated area described above.


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